Founded in 1995, Aurora has a combined total of over 40 years of experience in the design, implementation and maintenance of our clients’ networks.


Due to our extensive experience, Aurora Communications can manage our client’s entire communication services, allowing them to focus on their core business. In handling these services, we bring the latest technologies to our clients’ attention, not only for cost savings, but for technology which can assist their specific business. Our services range from writing a formal RFP to procuring credits for outages, errant billing and everything in between.

We take a systematic approach to managing our clients’ communication services. First, we determine if our services are compatible with the client’s needs. Once engaged, we begin putting together a full and detailed inventory of their current environment (diagrams, reports, services records etc.). This allows Aurora to make the most comprehensive recommendations, and results in improvements to the bottom line.. Aurora fully manages all the moves, adds and changes we recommend and ensures that the billing is accurate and that all services are running efficiently. Many clients then choose to continue utilizing our services to monitor any moves, adds or changes on an ongoing basis.

Aurora Communications has a strong reputation in the communication industry due to our realistic approach to customer needs. We advise our clients the way we would want to be advised. With our attention to detail, extensive knowledge of the industry and desire to excel, Aurora Communications LLC perseveres in the communications industry.