Aurora set up an initial meeting with the client for a needs assessment in order to determine if Aurora was a good fit for their organization. The client was looking for a new phone system with a call accounting package. Once discussions began their real business needs were discovered. The real issue was that they had all independent voice and data systems which did not communicate / work with each other. Aurora helped them implement an integrated nurse call, IP phone system, call accounting package, access control and security systems.
Implementation of the new system allowed smoother information flow. Data did not need to be re-entered multiple times. The client could provide better care for the patients and better security for the staff. Aurora recently added asset tracking to the applications as well. The client was thrilled with the results. Now, when a worker (ie. nurse or doctor) walks into the building. the access control key card lets HR know they are signed in and in an emergency, their location. A special 911 button was attached to staffs badges in the case of an incident that does not allow them to grab a phone or nurse call.
The client also utilizes many other applications, the needs of which were discovered during their ongoing relationship with Aurora. Aurora wrote the RFP's and project managed the entire implementation from beginning to end.

Non Profits

Aurora helped a large multi-location non-profit agency save money on their telecommunications and technology services. The client engaged Aurora to simplify communications and help reduce expenses. Aurora began by meeting with employees, gathering all invoices, and discussed goals of the organization. After reviewing all the existing services and infrastructure, Aurora wrote an RFP to replace the existing services.

Aurora began our consultation by meeting with employees, gathering all invoices and discussed the goals of the organization.

Aurora managed the implementation and coordinated the new design. The agency received even better results than expected. The client saved approximately 25% based on Aurora’s recommendations. Due to our accurate recommendations, the client installed a brand new IP phone system, many cloud based applications and a more redundant WAN for both voice and data.

Even with the extensive upgrades, the client saw their expenses lowered approximately $100k annually. The client also received brand new hardware and was able to hire a new network admin while still reducing overall expenses. The soft savings are still being realized by the organization as they remain a client using Aurora’s ongoing consulting services. Aurora's ongoing consulting allows us to review all invoices and make technology recommendations.

Online Search Engine

Aurora was engaged by a well-known online search engine to write an RFP to replace their existing communications systems. The client’s most important needs were to connect their sites globally and to allow for future growth.  The challenge was integrating all of their existing web applications (IM platform, Skype, Internal Data Center Apps., Google mail and more.) to the new platform.  Before Aurora was engaged, many users had as many as 5 IM platforms they were using to communicate. The organization had no way to manage communications and what was being communicated.
Aurora customized a solution which allowed the client ease of use for all these applications on one unified platform including many telecommuters and mobile users.  Aurora assisted in creating a new help desk/customer care call center, which will allow the company to grow its product offering and support.  The client's final purchase price was $50k less than the amount budgeted and had significantly more features and functionality than expected.

Global Consulting Firm

A Global International Consulting firm turned to Aurora to analyze their wireless billing and processes which resulted in lower costs of over $1 million a year.  The main challenge for this client was their lack of internal staff to effectively manage over 7500 wireless devices. Multiple acquisitions and mergers taxed their internal management capabilities.

Aurora put into place an asset tracking module and cost containment plan.  The client made Aurora an extension of their help desk to manage all adds, moves and changes of all wireless devices. The results were attributed to fierce contract negotiations of existing wireless contracts and continuous proactive management by Aurora’s consultants.  Aurora provided the Global Consulting Firm with an opportunity to outsource their wireless environment at a substantial savings.